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This is Not the First Love Poem


This is not the first Love Poem but if it were

the boundaries of such must be set

it must be gentle in its touch

let its nerves temper over-confidence

it will need to know that some things are impossible

But how beautiful it is to hold hands with the infinite


If this is the first love poem

then it will have to learn its pattern and repeat

maybe engage a chaperone to help write the delicate

and a diplomat to pave the smooth path where words can meet

it should ask a good friend to shadow tail the lilt and caress of syllable


Lets now all together call this love poem the very first

lets copy it and in multiple send this poem safely out

enclosed in an envelope with the help of twine or ribbon

or sealed with a nervous piece of Sellotape

lets send them and hope in unison that no single poem goes unread

and that this first love poem is then

excitedly and secretly hid.

Iain Cheesman

Sept 2019